Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tag Lagi Ya.. :D

Jangan la buhsan tgk n3 tag ya... saya byk utang nie... tak syiok utang tak bayo. :D

Di tag oleh Puan Arin

The Three Names I go by-
kak jana

Three Jobs I have had in my life-
pelayan kedai buku
cashier A&W
data entry

Three Places I have lived-
batu caves
bayan lepas

Three TV Shows that I watch-
Deco bersama Eric

Three places I have been-
mydin usj
mydin usj
mydin usj
(tak berkembang kan??? :p)

People that e-mail me regularly-
HL enquiry
jobstreet (boley?)

Three of my favourite foods-
nasi goreng ikan masin kat puchong permai
roti naan kat puchong utama
kek SR

Three things I would like to do-
holiday- holiday- holiday

Three friends I think will respond-
Kak Lat
Kak Lat
Kak Lat
Saje dengki ke ko.. hahahah!

Things I am looking forward to
-new job
-new customer
-new user


lat'z said...

weh sudah buat la....
kamu nie lambat bebenor....

Zana S said...

ooek! takpe... next!

Anonymous said...

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